Part 1: Dreamweaver Introduction

Workspace and workflow

Working in the Document window

Using toolbars, inspectors, and context menus

Customizing the Dreamweaver workspace

Part 2: Working with Dreamweaver sites

About Dreamweaver sites

Set up a local version of your site

Connect to a remote server

Set up a testing server

Part 3: Creating and Managing Files

Files and folders management

Files transfer to and from your server

Testing your Dreamweaver site

Part 4: Managing assets and libraries

About assets and libraries

Working with assets

Creating and managing a list of favorite assets

Working with library items

Part 5: Cascading Style Sheet

Understanding CSS

The CSS Styles panel

Enhancements to CSS3 support

Creating, editing CSS rule, properties

CSS style sheet

Inspect CSS in Live view

Laying out pages with CSS

Part 6: HTML Layout

Using visual aids for layout

Working with div tags

Presenting content with tables

Using Frames

Part 7: Adding content

Use the Insert panel

Set page properties

Working with text, colors

Using Property inspector

Adding and modifying images

Adding video, SWF files, web widgets, sound

Part 8: Linking and navigation

About linking and navigation


Navigation bars

Image maps


Troubleshooting links

Part 8: Creating templates

About Dreamweaver templates

Recognizing templates and template-based documents

Creating a Dreamweaver template

Creating editable regions in templates

Part 9: Responsive Design

Design for tablets & mobile devices

Working with Media Queries

Fluid Grid Layout

Part 10: Previewing pages

Website review

Questions & Anwsers




Customize WordPress with Dreamweaver

Set up Local Server

Getting to know WordPress

Styling WP Theme