Part 1: Workspace & Workflow

Customizing the workspace

Tools, Tool galleries

Files and templates

Working with ConnectNow

Using multiple artboards

Viewing artwork

Rulers, grids, guides, and crop marks

Setting preferences

Recovery, undo, and automation

Part 2: Drawing

Drawing lines and shapes, pixel-aligned paths for web workflows

Drawing with the Pencil tool and Pen tool

Editing paths

Perspective drawing

Tracing artwork with Live Trace

Manually trace artwork using template layers


Symbolism tools and symbol sets

Drawing flares

Part 3: Color

About color

Selecting colors

Using and creating swatches

Working with color groups (harmonies)

Kuler panel

Adjusting colors

Part 4: Painting

About painting

Painting with fills and strokes

Live Paint groups


Transparency and blending modes




Part 5: Selecting and arranging

Selecting objects

Grouping and expanding, moving, aligning, and distributing objects

Rotating and reflecting

Using layers

Locking, hiding, deleting and stacking Duplicating objects

Part 6: Reshaping objects

Transforming objects

Scaling, shearing, and distorting

Reshape using envelopes

Combining, cutting and dividing

Clipping masks

Blending objects

Reshaping objects with effects

Building new shapes using the Shape Builder tool

Part 7: Importing, exporting, and saving

Importing bitmap images, Adobe PDF files and artwork from Photoshop

Saving and exporting artwork

Creating Adobe PDF files

Part 8: Type

Importing & export, update text

Creating text and type on a path

Scaling and rotating type

Fonts, formatting type

Line and character spacing

Special characters

Formatting paragraphs, Tabs

Character and paragraph styles

Creating composite fonts

Part 10: Special effects

Appearance attributes

Working with effects

Summary of effects

Drop shadows, glows, and feathering

Creating sketches and mosaics

Graphic styles

Best practices for creating web graphics


Part 12: Printing

Setting up documents for printing

Printing color separations

Printer’s marks and bleed

PostScript printing

Printing with color management

Printing gradients, meshes, and color blends