Part 1: The Workspace

Looking at the Workspace

Working with Panels

Customizing the Workspace

Changing the Magnification

Navigating through a document

Using Context Menus

Finding Resources

Part 2: Getting to know

Preflighting as you work

Viewing Guides

Adding Text

Working with Styles, Graphics, Objects and Object Styles

Part 3: Setting up document and pages

Custom Document Settings

Creating a New Document

Working with Master Pages & items

Sections & Page Numbering

Managing Pages

Placing Text and Graphics Pages

Viewing the Completed Spread

Part 4: Working with objects

Working with Layers

Text Frames & Graphics Frames

Adding Metadata Captions to Graphics Frames

Wrapping Text around a Graphic

Modifying the Shape of Frames

Transforming and Aligning Objects

Selecting and Modifying Grouped Objects

Part 5: Flowing text

Flowing Text into an Existing Frame

Flowing Text Manually

Creating Text Frames While Flowing Text

Flowing Text Automatically

Creating Threaded Frames Automatically

Adding a Jump Line Page Number

Part 6: Editing text

Finding and Changing a Missing Font

Entering and Importing Text

Finding and Changing Text and Formatting

Checking Spelling

Editing Text by Dragging and Dropping

Using the Story Editor

Tracking Changes

Part 7: Working with typography

Adjusting Vertical Spacing, Letter and Word Spacing

Changing Fonts and Type Style

Columns & Paragraph Alignment

Creating a Drop Cap

Setting Tabs

Adding a Rule above a Paragraph

Part 8: Working with color

Defining Printing Requirements

Creating and Applying Colors

Working with Gradients

Creating a Tint

Creating a Spot Color

Applying Colors to Text and Objects

Using Advanced Gradient Techniques