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About: “Let me tell you a story.” “Once upon a time.” These are the most wonderful opening lines children ever hear. Kids disappear into the world of story to find a safe place for adventure and learning. 4 Sunflowers Media was created to offer stories that understand and celebrate the human condition, and to provide support and reassurance to parents and caregivers as they embrace this greatest of all adventures: raising a child.

Fuzzwippers – 10 titles in the series – for Ages 3 to 7

Fuzzwippers are imaginary creatures that reach out to children or anyone who needs a friend, assuring them that they are wanted and needed. The stories deal with common insecurities such as bullying and body image. Fuzzwipper books and their embodiment in plush provide a mixture of literary, visual, tactile and role-play experience. For children in primary grades.


Fuzzwippers 10 books series by 4 sunflowers media
Fuzzwippers pages

I LOVE U More Than Wiggling Worms – for All Ages

“I love you more than soft, warm worms wiggling in mud. I love you more than grazing cows chewing on their cud.”Love is in the air in this delightful picture book as mother and child compare their love to the ridiculous and the scandalous, favorite things of a child. A child’s eye view of true love and devotion.

MCA Gold Award

The Zoo In You – 3 Books Series – for Ages 5 and up

Animals portray common emotions, from fear and anger to laugh-out-loud silliness. They help children realize that they are the zookeepers of their own animals, and every animal has its purpose and ways.

The Zoon In You - 3 books series

Young-adult Novels

PLAY ON – Paperback and Kindle Version
A young-adult novel featuring a boy in New York City who feels as though he is the only person in Manhattan who loves country music. By playing a guitar he buys in Nashville, he unwittingly channels a soldier who didn’t make it home from Iraq, into his own life.

HOT SPOTS – Paperback
A story about bullying and controlling the emotions.

Coming Soon…

young adult novels